Below is a listing of in-app bundles currently available for purchase for the GuitarRx smartphone app. Please check back frequently, or check the "More" button on the app where you can view his same list - - as we expect to add to this list regularly.

Please read the description of each bundle carefully so you understand what it is you are getting. Some bundles contain only signature riffs from a group of songs. Others lessons may contain many riffs or practice segments and in fact cover the entire song.

To buy these bundles open your GuitarRx app and select the "More" button, select a bundle, and then follow your on-screen instructions.

Finger Twister Licks
$.99 This set of licks focus on speed and accuracy. Harder than you would think but fun to accomplish. Licks from Long Cool Woman, Help and Feels Like the First Time.
Hard Rock Licks
$.99 Here are some heavy licks from Sabbath, Styx, Deep Purple..... And the one that started it all: Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode.
Pop 60's & 70's Licks
$1.29 These are memorable radio pop licks that are necessary for your playing dexterity. Some nice string bending work is included. Including: Long Train Running, Day Tripper, Pretty Woman, Day After Day, My Girl, and Sarah's Smile.
Reelin in the Years
$2.59 Here is a 17 part lesson teaching you how to perform one of the greatest guitar songs ever written: Steely Dan's "REELIN' IN THE YEARS." You will learn to play quick Hammers, Pull-offs, Slides and Chordal Pattern Riffs soloing: "a bit of Jazz thrown at you here." A magnificent song to know by heart.
Rablin Man
$2.99 This is a 19 part lesson using this fantastic Allman Brothers tune that will teach you the elements to solo in the Major and Minor Pentatonic Blues forms, just like the master Dickie Betts. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, MAJOR-KEY, SOLOING TOOL, YOU WILL EVER NEED!
Psychedelic Licks
$.99 Here are some "a little more difficult" licks that will add to your lead performing arsenal. 25 or 6 to 4 is worth the price alone. Also included: Good Vibrations, Comfortably Numb, Funk #49, and Do You Feel Like We Do.
Classic Rock Intro Licks
$.99 Eight (8) classic licks and chordal movements you have to know to give you the Rock guitar fundamentals you need to play. "Free Ride" is a MUST LEARN lesson in itself. Also included: Layla, The Ocean, Can't Get Enough, Wayward Son, Them Changes, Takin Care of Business, and Feel Like Making Love.
Country Licks
$1.29 Tons of country rock licks to some of the best old school and contemporary songs every written. Texas Flood, Beer for My Horses, Sweet Home Alabama, La Bamba, That'll Be the Day.