The GuitarRx app is intuitive and easy to use. If you'd like to see a brief video overview of the app, please go here to review this video.

Below are a few FAQ's that may be of assistance.


Where can I find information about what in-app bundles are available for purchase?

You can find this information, in the "More" button found on the app, or you can also see this information on the Lessons Library page of the website.


Why aren't some of the well known commercial songs provided as free lessons?

The free lessons are generic and are geared more toward learning certain techniques and basic playing patterns. We do not provide well known commercial songs as free lessons because these songs require royalty payments. When you buy such songs in our in-app bundles, part of the purchase price is used by us to pay these royalties.


Do the lessons found in the paid bundles contain the entire song of just riffs.

This varies. Many of the riff packs contain only signature riffs from a group of similar songs. Others, which will be so indicated, contain many riffs or parts of a song up to and includind the complete songs. The description provided for these bundles will describe what they contain.


What this app run on an i-Pad.

Yes, the GuitarRx app will run on i-Pad (retinal display) as well as i-Phone.